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We always manage to design cohessive spaces only because our client's interests always seem to align perfectly with ours. We are fortunate enough to always be able to communicate our vision with our clients and getting to execute our concepts flawlessly. 

Hues of outdoors

Our brief was to design the home using only nature inspired aesthetic while keeping it minimal.

We focused on mainly on choosing the right color pallete, we used a lot of wood textures inspired from nature, dark greens and colors of sand, white panelling and crown moldings to give it a traditional authetic touch, floral wallpapers, etc. We also got to play along with different flooring heights for this project and got the opportunity to play around with different kinds of flooring materials. 

In addition to all this, we got most of the furniture custom-made and bespoke, experimenting with organic shapes. The lightinh fixtures ties the whole place together along with some commisioned art pieces.


Samara Reddy

The First by DSR, Hyd

"The process of moving in was so effortless, every single corner of house was tunred into an interesting space. Instantly decided to hire when I realised that my ideas aligned with the designer, she made sure my inputs were heard and executed them flawlessy. The end result was everything I was promised & more."

Tangerine tints

It all started when we the client first joked about wanting abstract designs on walls, something that most people don't dare to do in their homes. We instantly fell in love with this challenge and were up for it!

Initially we had to convince and persuade the client to let us do full wallpaper while also promising that it won't look too overpowering. Collaberated with custom wallpaper designers and finally came up with perfect minimal abstract wallpaper that would look good in any corner. In order to balance out the wallpaper, we kept the rest of the house very minimal and muted. Also, the whole concept of house revolves around the color tangerine as it seems to be the client's favourite color, that's why we even finished the veneers in the same color along with a few furniture pieces.


Trace of travertine 

Wanting a home where the complete wall could be cladded in stone is every client's dream. 

We could turn this project with it's limited budget into a luxury home with just switching out one material. Cladded the complete foyer and most of the living room in travertine, got the dining table made on site using the same stone. We were fortunate enough to get clients who have faith in our decisions and this helped us build their home much better than we originally anticipated. Bespoke furniture, handknotted rug, wood furnishings and intimate light fixtures and plants finish the whole space and makes it look serene.


Out of the woods 

This is how perfect a home would turn out when the client's choices are much more bolder than ours. The most important part of the brief to was to go bold and use dark tones and create focal points. In retrospect, we think the choices the client made were something that made this home stand out from the rest. Using the principle of balance was the utmost important thing to keep in mind while designing this space. This project helped us push our designing capabilities the most, using darker shades of red and green was not our go-to color pallete. We had to prioritise minimalism here, to keep the space from looking clustered due to the vibrant tones of the wallpaper. Used a lot of natural wood texture to make the space more cohessive and intentional.


It's giving Barbie!

The theme was definitely not intentional but it's funny to think how it turned out!

We were determined to do contrasting flooring and excited to experiment with different patterns and layouts. The material pallete originally was very basic and neutral but in the last minute, the client decided that they wanted a monochromatic color pallete. Initially it turned out to be somehwere using violets or reds but later the client released how using muted shades of red or purple would be giving a barbie theme to the house and to our surprise, this was the final design. Some would say it's too girly, but we as a design studio are way past the gender-specific colors. We would like to use this opportunity to speak out about how we would hope people used more gender-neutral colors while designing kid's bedroom or spaces.


Gists of other spaces...

Here are a few images from other projects that we designed.

NOTE: Copyrights of all the images on this website are owned by 7teen Atelier, using this image without our permission is prohibited.

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